Covid-19 Decontamination Cleaning Specialists

Henry cleaning services offer a range of Covid-19 cleaning services in London, Hertfordshire and Essex. Read below for more specific information. Or call us now for a quote.

Coronavirus Cleaning Experts

Deep cleaning services are available throughout London, and personnel are highly qualified and experienced in cleaning, disinfecting, and decontaminating all COVID-19-affected places. The COVID-19 decontamination service we provide was developed to help combat the threat of COVID-19 transmission from the surface.

When there is at least one suspected case in a high-risk region or one confirmed case in any environment, a deep clean and decontamination service is necessary. This level of COVID-19 deep cleaning is designed to properly disinfect a place, including both basic hard surfaces and material, in order to provide complete comfort and reassurance.

High-traffic locations, such as phones, door knobs, handrails, and lift buttons, are given additional care by our personnel. We can only perform a complete COVID-19 decontamination service after a complete and thorough deep clean has been completed.


covid-19 cleaning services

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