Solar Panel Cleaning

Here at Henry Cleaning Services, we think we are helping the planet stay green. That's why we offer solar panel cleaning. This service can be incredibly beneficial for our customers, as dirty solar panels reduce solar output and therefore, reduce the profitability of the investment.

​Solar panel cleaning can be done ether by reach-and-wash pure water cleaning poles from the ground or by using a cherry picker (aerial platform) to reach roofs and high access areas.

We recommend solar panels be cleaned around every 4- 6 months to ensure maximum solar efficiency.

Roof Access

We offer different access methods to suit your building. Our team will put together a site visit and determine a suitable access method.

Some services we offer for solar panel cleaning access are:

  • Aerial platform
  • Cherry picker
  • Reach-and-wash pole

Get in touch today to book a free test area on your building.