Rubbish removal services near me in the UK cost from £70 up to around £250 but in between these figures. The price of rubbish removal service can change very much depending on the amount, type and weight of waste you’re disposing of. For example the price of commercial rubbish collection for retail premises will differ quite a bit from mattress collection.

House clearance

House clearance near me is the removal of waste from a house after it has been emptied of furnishings. The cost of house clearance depends on factors such as how big your property is and what you want to be removed. For organising a house clearance you will need to hire a local company for rubbish removal garage, loft, garden and general household items.

Garden Rubbish Removal

Gardening is a great way to spend your free time and maintain the environment around you, however, the garden will inevitably become full of old furniture and unwanted items. If you are not ready for a clear-out or renovation there are many garden rubbish removal services near me that can help you get rid of your stuff and dispose of rubbish safely.

Office Clearance

Office clearance involves getting through large amounts of office rubbish such as computers, printers, foils and papers. Whether you need to clear one room or the whole building, home and garden clearance service will always do a professional job and give you the best house clearance prices in London. Prices for office rubbish removal will vary greatly but typically everything costs around £70 to £250.

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