Reach and Wash Window Cleaning

Pure water cleaning has found a gap in the market for being an excellent, cost-effective way of cleaning buildings up to 70 feet high from the safety of the ground.

​We use environmentally-friendly hot-wash cleaning machines that are fitted in the back of all our fleet.

​We purify ordinary water and use carbon fibre poles, leaving an excellent finish on windows, window sills, frames and cladding.

We are also able to use this system on metal panelling, glass canopies and boarding.

We use the water fitted in our vans, which means we are able to clean most buildings without needing access to any water.

Unlike some other window cleaning companies we use hot purified water, which eliminates the need to use any detergents. Therefore, we can be more environmentally-friendly!

​Reach-and-wash water-fed pole cleaning is significantly more safe, quicker and cost-effective than working from height and, like traditional window cleaning, is a good option to minimise disruption around busy places.


Is This Option Right For Me?

Water-fed poles are a popular method of cleaning windows. At Henry Cleaning Services we prefer this option because it's a safe and quick way of getting excellent results for our clients.

The brushes clean even the most stubborn dirt and weather marks, leaving a long-lasting and sparkling clean effect. Using this method, we avoid any disturbance to our clients and any damage caused by using other machinery.

Through using water-fed poles, we are able to carry out work in a quick, safe and cost-effective way for our clients, leaving everyone happy!

Reach-and-wash pole systems can reach up to 70 feet from the ground, eliminating the need to use costly machinery like cherry pickers or aerial platforms.


Benefits of Reach and Wash

  • Safe
  • Quick
  • Cost-effective
  • Causes minimal disruption
  • Environmentally-friendly
  • Can reach 70 feet from the ground and hard to reach places
  • Produces fantastic, long-lasting results